• 1、Competition Title: The 4th Microcinema & Short Film Contest -- My Guarding Star shines forth to lead my dream
  • 2、Competition Organizer:
    • Organizer: University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students
    • Supervisor: Ministry of Education
  • 3、Objective:
    • The objective is for international students studying in Taiwan to seek out other international students whom they look up to and have graduated or are outstanding alumni to present their stories. The stories can be presented as documentaries and microcinema etc., with elements of story re-enactment and profiling daily life. The objective is also for the contestants, in the process of making their works, get to learn from the object of their video, the competent achievers and obtain the will and courage to dream and plan their own future.
  • 4、Eligibility:
    • Either director, screenplay writer or lead actor of entry production team must be an international student (including overseas Chinese, students from Hong Kong, Macau or other countries) currently studying in Taiwan or has graduated from Taiwanese universities. The international student represents the entry production team must enclose a copy of ARC while registering.
  • 5、Details of Contest
    • A. Theme: My Guarding Star Shine forth to lead my dream:
      • Before you set off for Taiwan or while studying in Taiwan, have you come across someone just like you, an international student (or an overseas Chinese), a predecessor whose life attitude or career developments or work achievements represent everything you have ever dreamed of, someone you admire, someone who can give you the advices while you are confused or helpless? Please take this as a theme to find someone who is also from a faraway place like you, and after graduation, has either stayed in Taiwan to thrive or has returned home to work or has embarked on another journey to other countries. Please bring forth the precious life experience of this predecessor and re-present it in front of the camera.
      B. Form:
      • it can be documentary, microcinema, etc. No more than 15 minutes in length. (It is advised to include video elements in diverse forms such as everyday life recording, story re-enactment and the author’s point-of-view shots. Only interview in whole video will not be acceptable)
      C. The protagonist in the video has to be an international student or overseas Chinese student who has graduated from Taiwanese universities (obtaining an undergraduate or post graduate degree).
      D. The number of entry is unlimited as long as each entry video is registered separately.
      E. Submission format: entry video must be submitted in a format compatible with Youtube (i.e. avi .mpg .wmv .mov) with a resolution of HD1920*1080 or above. Your university Logo or symbols can be inserted in the video. Logo of UECOCS must be showcased at the end of the video (duration: 1.5 seconds).
      F. Prizes:
      • 【Best Film】one place, NT$70,000
      • 【Best Creativity Film】one place, NT$50,000
      • 【Best Popularity Film】one place, NT$30,000
      (The organizer has the rights to refuse any prize or award when none of the entry reaches the assess standards of a particular category either due to low number of entry or poor quality. Best Popularity Film is based on the number of votes on official webpage. An entry is allowed to win more than 1 prize (Best Film, Best Creativity Film and Best Popularity Film)
    • G.Judging Criteria:
      No. Item Percentage Detail
      1 Content 35% Well-built structure, align with the themec
      2 Production 30% Technique of camera movement, editing, sound effect, soundtrack, etc.
      3 Creativity 25% Creative concept, unique style, attention capturing
      4 Online Interaction 10% Online interaction with audience. (By the number of “likes” on official Facebook fanpage. Voting period ends at 24:00 on May 30)
  • 6、Registration & Submission
    • A. Registration guidelines:
      a. Register online and download documents:
      Entrant must register on official webpage (http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/film) and download registration documents such as Application form, Declaration and Authorization form, and UECOCS official logo. Registration period starts from now to March 31, 2018.
      A copy of ID (Taiwanese students) or ARC (Overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong and Macau, International students) of each member of entrant team must be adhered onto the application form which is then to be submitted along with Declaration and Authorization form and video DVD via postal mail.
      b. Upload and Submit Video:
      Please upload your video onto the official webpage before April 30, 2018 (Monday). To complete the submission, entrants need to post the following documents to UECOCS:
      (1.) Registration documents: Application Form, Declaration and Authorization Form, Representation Agreement.
      (2.) Video on DVD: video in digital format.
      (3.) Postal Format: address the envelope to “The Submission Team, Microcinema & Short Film Contest, University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students”
      (4.) Postal Address: UECOCS, 1 University Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, 54561 Taiwan
    • B. Judging Period: May-July 2018
    • C. Result Announcement: Late July 2018
    • D. Prize Claiming: to be completed before end of 2018, in compliance with UECOCS expenditure audit procedures
    • E. Contest Guidelines
      a. Materials (soundtrack, images, etc.) used in the entry must not infringe upon the copyrights in any way. Any entry selected or nominated by other contests (including previous UECOCS Short Film & Video Contest) is disqualified.
      b. Upon sending the submission by post, entrants are advised to contact UECOCS by email or phone to confirm if the submission is completed. Contact person: Ms. Liu Kai Ting, Tel: 049-2910960 ext. 2264
      c. The judges have the rights to refuse any prize or award if none of the entry reaches the assessing standards. The organizer will then estimate the situation of submission and adjust the assessing standards.
      d. Entry must be original creation which does not in any way infringe upon the copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, property rights or privacy rights of others, or involving any third party activity under which the entrant is disqualified and entirely responsible for his/her illegal activities.
      e. All entry submissions will not be returned. Upon registering, the entrant agrees to license the copyrights to the organizer without any limit of licensing duration, location and usage. The organizer has the rights to exploit all entries’ copyrights.
  • 7、Rights of the organizer:
    • A. The organizer has the right to exploit all entries’ copyrights.
      B. The copyrights of all winning entries belong to the organizer who can legitimately exploit at no charge by means of reproduction, adaptation, distribution, exhibition, online public display/ broadcasting/ presentation/ transmission and licensing to other related organizations; the aforementioned copyrights at no charge belongs to UECOCS without any limits to duration, location, frequency and format and no notification is issued when being used.
      C. Should any unexpected incidence occur, the organizer has the right at any time to adjust contest rules, award titles, prize substitute or terminate the contest.
      D. The organizer has the right to adjust, defer or terminate the contest at any time.
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